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Burlesque Stripped Down

Ooooh we got two honest-to-goodness movie makers in the house today!! Jon Manning (director, producer) and Zora Von Pavonine (star, producer) of the new documentary film “Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe” join Velvet this week to chat all about movie making, defining burlesque (ack!), and diversity/representation on the stage and screen. If you’re in Portland or Los Angeles and checking this out shortly after release, you can catch the film during the first week of March 2017! ~in Portland, OR at the Living Room Theater, March 4-9 ~in Los Angeles, CA at the  Montalban Theater, March 4-9 In just a few days, the film will also be available on iTunes and Amazon – I’ll update with links here once that happens. If you’d like to see the film in your city, contact your local theater! As more releases are announced, they’ll be added here. So, listen in below, check out the links, and then go see it in your city or on your digital device! The film is a fab representation of our industry and all the sexy (and not-so-sexy) secrets that go along with it. (Don’t forget, if you’re loving Burlesque Stripped Down, you can help out the show by joining the Posse, supporting on Patreon, sharing with your friends, and subscribing on iTunes/Android/Stitcher/Google Play/ALLTHETHINGS.)

Glitter Tribe is a documentary feature about the passion and personalities at the heart of today’s new wave of burlesque. On stage and in candid conversation, twelve of today’s hottest performers reveal the naked truth about an exotic world where artifice is a route to authenticity and pretending to be someone else is the ultimate journey to become yourself. These burlesquers put it all on the line in performances that are sexy, funny, elegant and outrageous – and they bare more than just their bodies as they discuss their artistic vision, their financial struggles, the misconceptions that infuriate them and the community that sustains them.
Zora Von Pavonine was born on a full moon and raised on 20 acres.

Surrounded by animals, held most dear was the peacock family that allowed her to follow them around, telling stories, inventing all kinds of life.Momma Pavonine saw the creative spirit encapsulated in her precocious little scorpio and encouraged music, dancing, painting and writing across the early years.

Zora spent her teenage chapter foreshadowing her eventual participation in burlesque with another solo activity crafted beautifully from the mind and body, performing as a decorated cross country and track athlete, breaking records and holding others to this day.  Her deep appreciation for this output, mental tenacity, just the self and the body, stuck with her long after she left the track and immersed herself fully in hip hop dance.  She found grounding and heaven in hip hop and had been teaching the format for years when she found burlesque and she knew: she knew she had mined the gem, a dynamite composition of effort, passion, expression and self.

A published poet, holder of a handful of intellectual property patents and a few degrees in the creative arts, Zora needles on towards creating smart, impassioned acts wrapped in costumes that speak to her tremendous love of fashion and design, reflective of her hip hop roots and the unmistakable dedication of a distance runner… It has been said that her sparkle can be seen from outer space; it has been rumored that one night in Zora’s audience will have you discovering confetti in all your places for a month on… with pasties so small, even the most veteran of show-goers blush, they come to see the tease and leave with an eyeful of feathers… she is the Girl With The Peacock Tattoo.

Director and producer/star of Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe join Velvet on Burlesque Stripped Down podcast episode!

Jon Manning has been an internationally recognized, award-winning filmmaker for the past 32 years. From national commercials for the world’s largest corporations to theatrical documentaries such as “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” and psychological thrillers such as “House of Last Things” he brings three decades of film experience to the creation of “Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe”.

Here are all of the links to things we mention during the show, including how to get a hold of the Glitter Tribe gang if you want to learn more!

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe website (and on facebook!)

Zora Von Pavonine: facebook // instagram Jon Manning: facebook ~Zora’s photo credits: Lincoln Lease (also poster photog for film!)


Beth Segal – editor Jim Walker – composer “Take Me To Church” by Hozier – covered by Morgan James (video below) “Exposed: Beyond Burlesque” – film


“Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe” Trailer  Burlesque Heart of the Glitter Tribe from Brightwater Media on Vimeo. Morgan James — “Take Me To Church”
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