Glitter Tribe The Movie

A funny, sexy look into the hard-working heart of Neo-Burlesque

“As I developed tits and ass,” Corvette LeFace told me, “it was obvious I was never going to be a ballerina.”

I was born a bastard child, but I will die a hero...

The Oregonian
The art of burlesque and the people who practice it get enticingly exposed in this documentary that ventures behind the curtain...

Burlesque Beat
Over the past ten years there have been a number of documentaries produced about burlesque – some focusing on what it once was...

...This dangerous context is what makes director Jon Manning’s new documentary, Burlesque: Heart of Glitter Tribe, essential viewing...

Burlesque Stripped Down
Ooooh we got two honest-to-goodness movie makers in the house today!!

A new documentary is showing an inside look into Portland’s burlesque scene.

World Film Geek
Isaiah Esquire was once a shy and awkward teenager. However, the 6-foot teen soon found his calling in dancing.

LA Times
As an introduction to a subculture, “Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe” goes beyond the sparkles and sequins to show the many varieties of burlesque.

Shot over seven years in Portland, Oregon, “Glitter Tribe” follows eight burlesque performers as they evolve their craft of tease, and develop relationships with one another.

OC Weekly
While the ostentatious world of pasties and lacy underthings was once risqué and taboo to polite society, neo-burlesque is now widely respected as an art form—although that doesn't mean it's fully understood.

If there's one tangible difference between stripping and burlesque, it's money. In the former, patrons pay the performer to embody their sexual fantasies on stage. In the latter, the performers may take off most of their clothes, and they may stimulate their audiences, but...

Dammy's Corner
Have you ever wondered what goes behind the perfect burlesque show? imagine the unveiling of sexiness and alter egos all packed in a documentary, well you don't have to think far ahead, this is just what you have been waiting for.

Movie Nation
Fifteen years into the “Neo-Burlesque” revival of the old bump-and-grind, it’s obvious that we do have the time and that burlesque still has relevance — at least to its practitioners.

Campus Circle
Sex appeal and comedy come together in a perfect union in this treat of a film, directed by Jon Manning. In its exploration of the neo-burlesque movement, “Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe” is bold, daring, and sexy...

We Are Movie Geeks
Apparently Burlesque is still alive and well, in the Portland, Oregon area anyway. But it is somewhat different from the old days. The Glitter Tribe is a troupe of dancers, women and men, who put on full blown shows in the Pacific Northwest...

Love Burlesque
It offers a view of burlesque that is much more than simply a ‘celebration’ or even an interrogation of what burlesque is about, what it’s ‘for’ and who’s doing it...

Digital Cinema Report
The film seeks to give the viewer an in depth look into the lives of these modern neo burlesque dancers and the motivation behind their lurid, exciting, and occasionally dangerous acts...

Promising that it explores "real burlesque," the new documentary film Glitter Tribe looks at how and why performers got started on the "burlesque trail." ...

Portland Monthly
Portland’s bad-ass burlesque community is headed for the big screen in Glitter Tribe, a new documentary from Jon Manning.

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