Angelique DeVil

Unknown-1Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to dance more than anything in the whole world. She took classes until she taught classes, danced on teams and troupes, danced everywhere she lived and anywhere she could and even places she wasn’t supposed to. Then one day, in Portland, Oregon, she discovered burlesque and it turned out this was her favorite to dance of all. She decided to take all of her experience and love for dance, add some tease and glamour, and use it to tell her stories and travel the world. Competing in the Best Debut category at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in 2011 was her first big break and from there it took her many other festivals and many other places such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, New York, Orlando, Canada, Jamaica, and even Italy.

She began collecting awards such as the “Best Twerk Award” and “Most Original Performance” and made many wonderful friends and fantastic memories along the way. She became part of a burlesque troupe known as The Fringe Benefits, and they became her family. And the best part of this story is that there is no ending, for as long as there were stories to be told, dancing to be done, and sparkles to be worn, she would be known as Angelique DeVil, the girl who puts the pop-n-lock in the bump-n-grind.